The Benefits of Accoya Windows for your Property

The Benefits of Accoya Windows for your Property

When deciding on the types of windows to install at your property there will be many considerations. From the costs involved at the installation stage to the amount of maintenance further down the line and how the materials used will complement the age and style of the property, it isn’t always that easy to make the right decision.


At Rural Timber Window Company we believe in the new eco-friendly ‘super woods’ such as Accoya®, and the sophistication and luxury they can bring to your property.

Accoya windows are a welcome addition to homes of all ages and sizes, and deliver many aesthetic and practical benefits, which we will outline below:


Durability – Accoya wood doesn’t shrink or swell during seasonal weather changes, which makes it an excellent choice for window frames, particularly on coastal properties or those in areas of variable temperatures (which pretty much covers the whole of the UK!) This wood is also very stable and resistant to insect attack and rot.

Low thermal conductivity – Window frames made from Accoya have a very low conductivity of heat and cold – this means they are better at maintaining a comfortable temperature inside a property and can therefore save you money on your energy bills.

Low maintenance – once installed, there will be very little maintenance required to keep your windows looking their best. If you do need to recoat the wood, the fact that the surface is easy to sand and paint, means maintenance time can be kept to the minimum.

Versatile – Accoya window frames can be transparent coated if you want to maintain the natural look of the wood, or painted if you want to transform the appearance of the frames to enhance the exterior of your property. As Accoya is easy to sand down, there is little preparation time involved, whatever the finish you require.

We have worked on a diverse range of projects where Accoya frames have been installed, such as this flush casement window installation in Hampton in Arden, where traditional timber styling was retained in a modern setting.

If you would like to find out more about the suitability of Accoya for your next home improvement project please call us on 01905 841199 or email us with your enquiry.