The case for a wooden conservatory

If you’re looking for a conservatory, you are probably overwhelmed with choices and don’t know where to start.

From simple glass rooms to sumptuous extensions, choosing what you spend your money on can be an exciting, yet daunting task. You will probably consider the size conservatory you’d like, followed by the style that would best fit the character of your home and how much it’s going to cost.

One of the most important decisions you will make when choosing your conservatory is what material it is made from. From PVC and metal to sustainable hard wood, the possibilities are endless.
At Rural Timber Window Company, it may come as no surprise that wooden conservatories come up trumps. Here’s our top three reasons why:

1) Aesthetics
We know that the woods used to build our conservatories are of an exceptional quality – and it shows.
Compared to their PVC counterparts, wooden structures look chic, elegant and can be more sympathetically designed to fit any house style, period, modern, or anything in between.
The wood also offers a nod to the outside world, seamlessly blending the inside and outside.

2) Hand-crafted quality
All of our timber conservatories are crafted within building regulations by highly experienced joiners in our own workshops.
During this process, we listen to our clients to understand their needs and vision, and create quality, bespoke pieces that are far stronger than a machine-built plastic equivalent.

3) Versatility
We use the finest grade, rot resistant woods such as oak, accoya and sapele, taken from sustainable forests.
We can apply any stain or finish you choose – and if in years to come you change your mind, you’re not restricted in the same way as you are with a PVC offering.

Our hardwood structures offer comfort every day of the year. With multiple glazing options available, we can advise on everything conservatory – design, building, energy efficiency, building regulations, glazing to name but a few.

As purveyors of hardwood, we can also design and produce timber windows, doors, and bi-fold doors to be in keeping with your conservatory.

To discuss your ideas or to get some advice, please call us on 01905 841199.