Bespoke Accoya Sash Windows for Listed Buildings

Bespoke Accoya Sash Windows for Listed Buildings

When it comes to replacing windows on a traditional, heritage or listed property, whether it be a home or any other building, there is plenty to take into account. Most importantly, the style of windows chosen should be sympathetic to the style of the building. Windows make a considerable contribution to the character of an older building, so if beyond repair, old windows should be replaced with suitable copies. uPVC or timber imitations simply won’t cut it.

Bespoke sash windows

For Georgian and Victorian buildings, the most commonly found style of windows are sash windows. Early Georgian period sash windows can be recognised by the multiple panes and glazing bars of the time, whilst later Georgian windows incorporated more ornate features. As a result of developments in glass technology, Victorian windows began to use larger panes of glass as the manufacturer of heavier panes was more economical by this time.

If the original windows of your property are beyond repair and energy efficiency is bad, uPVC or imitation wood is not a suitable solution. Bespoke timber window frames can provide a traditional and long lasting solution that allows a building to retain its character. At Rural Timber Window Company, we regularly use Accoya wood in our bespoke, traditionally crafted windows to retain the aesthetics of other timbers, whilst benefiting from the high performance of this specially treated wood.

Accoya is treated in a process called non-toxic acetylation, which permanently strengthens the wood to provide a much higher performance so that it doesn’t deteriorate over time. This means that Accoya sash windows are much easier to maintain than other timber windows and aren’t affected by common issues such as insect infestation and rot.

At Rural Timber Window Company, we are highly experienced in providing hand-crafted replacements of traditional sash windows for listed buildings and conservation areas in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. Our combination of traditional joinery skill, sustainable timber materials and modern technology means that our bespoke windows are built to last.

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