Sash Windows for the 21st Century Home – Combining Traditional and Modern

Sash Windows for the 21st Century Home: Combining Traditional and Modern

When you think about sash windows, you will probably conjure up an image of a Georgian or Victorian property, as this was a popular window style during these periods. However, if you love the style of these paneled windows that move up and down within the frame, it’s not impossible to incorporate them into a more modern home. Let’s look at some of the reasons why sash windows are so well suited to contemporary properties.

Versatile Design

Whilst traditionally a sash window would have been simple and minimal in terms of design, now there are many more possibilities. Thanks to modern materials, combined with traditional styling you can achieve the look of a sash window with various material frames, colours and designs. Sash bars and horns can be styled to suit your property and if you opt for wooden sash windows you can paint them pretty much any colour you choose.

Classic Look With Modern Technology

The great thing about modern sash windows is that they combine everything that is aesthetically pleasing about their classical styling with all the latest technology. This means you can enjoy the appearance of sash windows in your modern home without having to sacrifice things like energy efficiency or durability. The modern sash window can feature the latest glazing techniques, safety glass options and window security to help keep your energy bills low and provide peace of mind.

Full of Character

There’s no denying that a sash window has plenty of style and can add character to any home, providing it is used thoughtfully. You don’t have to live in a listed building in a conservation area to benefit from the look of sash windows. You can enhance the modern design of your home by replacing your uninspiring windows with modern sash windows, improving the appearance both inside and out and giving your home a timeless feel.

Improved Natural Light

Often you will find that by adding sash windows to your property it feels lighter inside. This is because sash windows tend to have larger panes of glass than their modern counterparts and can therefore let more of the outside in. They can also provide better ventilation as more of the window opens as you slide up into the slash mechanism. Modern homes tend to be designed to allow for more natural light than period properties so by adding sash windows to your makeover plans you can capitalise on every last ray of sunshine and bring a warmth to your home interiors.

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