A Few Great Reasons to Choose Hardwood Doors

A Few Great Reasons to Choose Hardwood Doors

When it comes to the debate between oak hardwood doors, composite doors or uPVC doors, wooden doors win every time. From the exquisite craftmanship and luxurious feel, to the excellent insulation properties and more, hardwood doors are definitely worth investing in. While modern materials can be made to look like wood, they’re never as good as the real deal.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your internal doors or replacing your external doors for oak external doors, check out this article, where we delve deeper into why hardwood doors make such a worthwhile investment.

Sustainably sourced interiors

Hardwood doors are the perfect choice for the sustainability conscious shopper. Unlike other types of door, produced from non-renewable sources like steel, plastic and fibre glass, hardwood doors use a naturally occurring raw material. What’s more, modern timber products from reputable suppliers are made from sustainably sourced wood that has been FSC and PEFC certified.

They look fantastic

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s aesthetic, something as simple as fitting oak external doors can give your property a boost in curb appeal. And for the inside, hardwood doors can give a luxurious feel, making your home look well maintained and more tidy.

They’re durable

You may have found a hardwood doors a cheaper alternative, but try to remember it’s probably a false economy. Hardwood doors, and oak external doors in particular, are extremely durable, are natural insulators, and stand the test of time. Unlike external doors made from PVC, when looked after properly, hardwood external doors are robust and do not discolour.

Oak external doors are secure

While most of us don’t like to think about being broken into, your home security should still be a priority. Oak external doors are very secure – and combined with their great aesthetic, are a great all-rounder. You don’t have to have your external doors all oak, you can also choose oak external doors with reinforced glass panels, perfect for letting natural light into your home.

They have a long lifespan

Owing to its fantastic dimensional stability, hardwood doors like oak external doors last around 50 years, if well maintained. So while it might seem an expensive outlay to install wooden doors in your property, they more than pay for themselves.

They’re easy to maintain

When you think of wooden doors, you might worry about the need to varnish and paint them. However, modern timber doors usually come pretreated and ready to go, meaning they only need a simple touch-up every five years or so, which is definitely easier than trying to remove stains from uPVC!

It’s easy to customise your doors

One of the great advantages of timber doors is their ability to be customised to your requirements. Because it’s so easy to colour hardwood doors, when trends change it’s easy to strip them down and start again. This is no mean feat when your external doors are made from uPVC!

Make your house stand out from the crowd

Have you ever walked down a street, only to think that all the PVC external doors look the same? Well, choosing an oak external door can help you stand out from the crowd, and there are plenty of styles to choose from, too!

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