Bi-folding or French – Choosing Timber Patio Doors

Bi-folding or French? Choosing Timber Patio Doors

If you have decided on timber as the material of choice for your patio doors, then you’ll probably be wondering which style of door to opt for. Both bi-folding and french timber patio doors offer many excellent benefits but you’ll need to decide which provides the best solution for your space and how you want to use the opening. To help you reach a decision we have presented the individual benefits of both styles below.

Benefits of Wooden Bi-folding Patio Doors

Bi-fold doors are made up of a series of panels that slide open, folding up the panels in a concertina effect up against the wall. They are often installed outside the home to connect it to the space outside. Let’s look at the main benefits of this type of patio door:


  • Allow plenty of natural light in – with the bi-folding doors fully open your room will be awash with natural light and the scents of the garden. Even when closed, with any blinds or curtains open, you’ll get plenty of light coming through to your home.
  • Improve the aesthetics of the back of your house – we often focus our time and effort on the front of our house and its ‘kerb appeal’ but don’t forget about the back of the house – this is, after all, the view you will have from sitting in the garden. Adding bi-fold doors improves the appearance of the back of your home, plus it will add value too!
  • Let the outside in – if you love your outside space then timber bi-fold doors are the perfect way of connecting it to the inside of your home, opening up to let the outside in and allowing you a great view of your garden.
  • Save space – when completely opened up, bifold doors take up only a small amount of space, making them a great option when you don’t want to have open doors jutting out at either side of your opening.

Benefits of French Timber Patio Doors

French doors are two identical doors that sit side by side and open outwards. They feature glass panes, which extend for the door’s length and are another popular choice for patio doors. The main benefits of french patio doors are:

  • Work with almost any design style – with their timber frames and multiple panes, french doors work with almost any interior and exterior design style.
  • Make a statement – french doors are very striking and definitely make a statement about your home and sense of style.
  • Flexible design choice – with a huge choice of paint and stain colours you can finish your french doors in a style that compliments your home decor. You’ll also find it easy to install curtains or other window coverings over french doors compared with other styles.
  • Make the most of your outside and inside space – throw open your french doors and you’ll get a great vista of your garden in spring and summer. Close them and you’ll still be able to see through the various panes but you’ll have that clear distinction between inside and outside, perfect for creating a cosy home in the winter.

Whether you choose french or bifolding timber patio doors, you’ll benefit from the latest technologies offering great security and energy efficiency.

Find Your Perfect Timber Patio Doors

If you can’t decide which style would best suit your home or you’d like to find out more about the timber doors we offer please contact Rural Timbers on 01905 841199. We specialise in creating bespoke wooden doors for all property types and are happy to offer advice to help you find the right doors to enhance your home.