Why We Love Hardwood Doors

Why We Love Hardwood Doors

A charming home design can have a significant impact on visitor’s first impressions. Your doorway in particular, the entryway to your home, can completely alter the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your property. At Rural Timber, our team of talented, experienced joiners are committed to crafting bespoke hardwood doors, using only sustainable, high quality timbers.


Discover the benefits of upgrading your home with bespoke hardwood doors below:


Oak is a hardwood, which is a widely used material for crafting high quality, durable furniture. When compared to uPVC, hardwood doors are superior in how cost-effective they are, as you don’t have to compromise on quality. Their durability allows a long life span with only minimal maintenance, providing a worthwhile choice for your new doors.


As a natural form of insulation, hardwood can withstand different climates and weather conditions. After installation, you may also notice the cost of your energy bills begin to drop, as hardwood doors are great for reducing heat loss in your home.

Sustainable Wood

At Rural Timbers, we use the finest quality of hardwood which has been sourced from renewable, sustained forests. Our oak and sapele doors offer a stunning natural look which can be stained, varnished or coloured at your request. We always use environmentally friendly water-based micro porous paints and wood stains, as these help your hardwood to breathe to maintain the quality of the wood as well as being kinder to the environment.

Luxury Feel

In comparison to uPVC, hardwood doors offer a more luxurious feel. A solid wood door can often increase the curb appeal of a property, as you can both see and feel the quality when entering. This can also have an influence on the impression people have on the rest of your home when entering.

Unique Design

All hardwood doors are completely distinctive. Every tree is unique in its contours, grains and colouring. This unique look can build character and add charm to your home design, with any additional touches, such as glass window panels, added by our team of craftsmen.


We also offer a bespoke service, meaning that we can produce products to fit your requirements.

Upgrading to Hardwood Doors

At Rural Timbers, we are a family business based just outside of Worcester and have been manufacturing since 1973. We offer beautiful handcrafted natural hardwood doors which are built to last. In addition to hardwood doors and windows, we also offer beautiful hardwood orangeries and conservatories to extend your home and enjoy your garden more.


For more information on hardwood doors or to request a quote, call our team today on 01905 841199.