Important Reasons for Choosing Accoya For Windows and Doors

Important Reasons for Choosing Accoya For Windows and Doors


As timber joinery specialists, we are always discussing the benefits of choosing timber doors and windows over materials such as uPVC. From durability and maintenance, to key design features and architectural considerations, there are many important reasons to consider wooden windows and doors.

At Rural Timber, we are committed to using only natural timbers from sustainable sources. We work with several different timbers to suit our customers’ needs, including traditional Oak, as well as highly durable Sapele hardwood and Accoya high performance softwood. Whilst the properties of Oak are widely known, you may not be so knowledgeable about Accoya, which has been described as the world’s leading long life wood.

What is Accoya?

Accoya is a type of softwood timber that we use regularly at Rural Timber for the crafting of bespoke windows and doors. It is modified by the acetylation process, which helps increase the durability of the wood, increasing its ability to resist rot, and stay resistant and resilient against the elements for many decades, whilst also looking wonderful.

Whilst many durable woods are sourced from slow growing tree species, Accoya is sourced from fast growing sustainably sourced radiata pine. As a result, Accoya is a much more sustainable than many other timber choices.

Key benefits of choosing Accoya for Windows and Doors

Accoya has many benefits when used in the manufacture of exterior windows and doors, for example:

It’s extremely durable – Accoya can last for as long as 50 years. It is highly resistant to weathering and copes well in any climate, it’s rot-proof, and forms an effective barrier against insects and wood-destroying fungi.

It’s strong – The processes used to treat the timber also increase the hardness and strength of the wood, making Accoya an excellent security solution.

It features excellent insulation properties – Accoya offers great thermal insulation properties and helps to conserve energy in your home, helping cut costs in the long term. For these reasons, it’s a great solution for window frames and external doors.

It’s sustainable and environmentally friendly – This fast growing softwood is sustainably sourced and is manufactured using non-toxic processes, adding nothing to the wood that doesn’t already naturally occur in wood. In contrast, many slow growing hardwoods are treated with toxic chemicals and non-renewable materials.

It’s stable in all climates – As stated above, Accoya copes well in all climates. Where temperature and humidity can be a problem for some timbers, causing them to swell, shrink or warp, Accoya is very dimensionally stable, so it is unlikely to lead to problems such as jamming doors, or draughty windows.

It looks great – Even with so many excellent attributes, Accoya wouldn’t be a popular timber for doors and windows if it wasn’t also a naturally beautiful wood. It can also be painted and stained in a wide range of colour finishes with ease, whilst maintaining a natural wood grain look.

Timber Doors and Windows in Worcestershire

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