Why to Choose Timber Bi-Fold Doors for Your Patio

Why to Choose Timber Bi-Fold Doors for Your Patio

 Your doors are the portals to your home. They should make a statement about your home style and security, while greeting visitors with a warm welcome. Timber Bi-Fold Doors are made with a series of panels which slide across to open, similar to a concertina. This stylish addition to your patio can be perfect on summer days to allow the fresh air to circulate your property.

Explore the benefits of choosing Timber Bi-Fold Doors for your patio below:

Benefits of Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Many people choose to have a mostly glass design for their patio Timber Bi-Fold Doors, as this can really open up a space. It also allows you to have a clear view from outside, to enjoy throughout the hot summers, auburn autumns and snowy winters.


These large windows will also allow more natural light to shine through and create the illusion of a larger living area. It can also elevate a space during garden parties, making it easy for large numbers of guests to navigate throughout the outdoor and indoor areas.

Unlike traditional doors which open into the living space, Timber Bi-Fold Doors will fold neatly to the side. Thereby taking up minimal space and providing a tidy door solution.

Why Choose Timber

Timber is a natural material, favourably used in construction because of its durability and sustainability. In addition, it is energy efficient, a great insulator for homes and uses less energy to work with, in comparison to other building materials. Timber is also very easy to work with, as it can be cut and shaped to fit most construction plans, making it a versatile material.


The natural, clean and sharp look of Timber can also frame doors nicely and blend in with most home designs. Being durable also means it requires minimal maintenance, to keep the rear of your home looking great at all times.

Why Upgrade Your Doors Now

During lockdown, many of us have splashed out on decorating supplies to clean up our home interiors. With newly hung wallpaper and fresh coats of paint, why not consider the bigger picture? New doors can transform a space and improve room insulation dramatically.


If your doors are beginning to look tired, are quite old fashioned in design or are too weak to provide reliable home security, upgrade with Timber Bi-Fold Doors. The perfect way to elevate your home with a modern design and long lasting material.

Enquiring about Timber Bi-Fold Doors

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