The key benefits of wooden bi-folding doors

The key benefits of wooden bi-folding doors

A popular alternative to French doors or sliding door systems, Wooden Bi-Folding Doors are designed to offer key aesthetic and functional advantages to homeowners.

Functioning with a unique ‘concertina’ effect, bi-folding doors are created using multiple frames that work by folding together and compacting when opened. Fitted with supporting runners, this allows them to slide and fold seamlessly, saving space and offering a far wider door opening than possible with conventional systems.

Here we explain more about the key benefits of Wooden Bi-Folding Doors and how they can improve the look and feel of your home.


Outside access

For homeowners who really want to connect their home with a garden, patio or swimming pool, Bi-Folding Doors offer the perfect solution. Because they allow an unrestricted walkway between the home and outside areas, these systems help to create a seamless connection between the two.

Natural light

Whether they are opened or closed, Wooden Bi-Folding Doors allow a huge amount of natural light to enter a property. This helps to offer a light and ambient mood in the home and also generates plenty of warmth all year around.


Because Bi-Folding Doors open up an unrestricted connection between the interior and exterior of your home, this allows greater flexibility in how you use this space. So whether you choose to create an extended lounge area or poolside dining environment, the options are endless!

Tailored design

Wooden Bi-Folding Door systems can be created to meet the exact specifications of any property. This means they can be designed and manufactured to meet the dimensions, style and colouring required by every client, offering a perfect bespoke solution.

Low Maintenance

Bi-Folding Doors require a minimal amount of maintenance, with modern and durable materials used that are weather and water proof. So other than cleaning the glass panes and the occasional bit of TLC, your new door system will be quick and easy to look after.


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