How Sustainable Timber Sash Windows Benefit Us

How Sustainable Timber Sash Windows Benefit Us

An extremely popular element of Georgian and Victorian architecture, sash windows continue to provide an elegant solution to this day, only modern technology has allowed for them to evolve to deal with modern life.

Equally suitable for period properties or new builds inspired by traditional designs, sash windows offer a design that can brighten up a home. Whilst windows are commonly fabricated and installed using cheaper modern materials such as uPVC, we strongly believe in the importance and benefits of sustainable timber sash windows.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why we believe so strongly in the power of wood.

Sustainable timber is greener

Climate change is a very real concern and as a result, it’s important for us to do what we can to reduce carbon emissions and minimise waste of valuable resources. The manufacturing process used to make uPVC windows creates a very high level of carbon emissions, whereas the processes used to handcraft timber windows produce much lower emissions.

At Rural Timber Window Company, we ensure that our wood is sourced from sustainable sources. We regularly use woods that are naturally resistant to rot, including Accoya, Sapele and Oak. These sustainable timbers allow us to produce windows that will have a much longer life span than uPVC windows.

By mixing traditional sash style windows with modern glazing, timber windows also help to reduce energy bills, particularly at winter time.

Increase security in our home

Sash windows are manufactured using hardwearing timbers, combined with double glazing to help increase home security. Oak is a particularly sturdy wood, which combined with modern locks, makes breaking in a difficult process for would-be burglars.

Reduce condensation

In the past, a key problem for sash windows and other timber windows was condensation. Not only can it cause mould that can cause rot, but it can also damage your health. Modern timber sash windows and glazing do not have this problem.

Improve curb appeal and house value

Replacing standard white PVCu windows with hand crafted, bespoke timber sash windows can have an amazing effect on the exterior of your home. Should you be aiming to sell your home, sustainable timber sash windows can certainly be a huge benefit. As well as being stylish and aesthetically pleasing, the energy efficiency of bespoke sash windows can also help to increase house value.

At Rural Timber Window Company, we speak from over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke windows, doors and conservatories. To learn more about our sustainable sourced wood, or to arrange for a quotation for your property, please call us on 01905 841199.