Why timber doors offer a lasting natural solution

Why timber doors offer a lasting natural solution

If you’re planning to install new doors in your home and want to find a solution that is stylish, practical and long-lasting, look no further than traditional timber doors.

Here we share some key reasons why bespoke timber-made door fittings can make a real difference for your home, making them a far better investment than modern uPVC systems:

Longevity of a timber door

A quality made timber door can last for as long as 60 years, offering a far greater lifespan than modern mass-produced doors. Timber is an extremely hard-wearing and durable material that, with the right treatment and care, can withstand decades of exposure to the elements without succumbing to weather damage or warping.

Timber doors offer a beautiful range of unique colours

Wood is a wonderful material that offers a beautiful range of unique colours and patterning that can be crafted to suit the exact requirements of your home. Timber doors offer a timeless style and elegance than can invigorate the look and feel of a property, both inside and out, for many years to come.

Efficient, strong and natural insulator – Timber doors

Timber is a strong and natural insulator that offers superb performance and comfort for you and your property. Our timber doors are produced to the highest standards, meaning they can meet the demands of 21st century living by being easy to maintain whilst offering security and energy efficiency.

Environmentally friendly Timber doors

Timber doors are far more eco-friendly than uPVC installations as they require less energy to produce, last up to 30 years longer and are fully recyclable. The wood used to manufacture all doors produced by the Rural Timber Window Company comes from managed forests, where trees that are felled are replaced by new plantings.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a quality hardwood door and how the experienced craftsmen at the Rural Timber Window Company can help to meet your needs, please contact our friendly team on 01905 841199 or simply email info@ruraltimberwindow.co.uk.