Bespoke Window Manufacturing – Why Timber Trumps uPVC Every Time

Bespoke Window Manufacturing – Why Timber Trumps uPVC Every Time

When you buy a property that needs renovating, there are probably a hundred and one things on your to do list. But one of the most important things to consider is what type of windows to install – uPVC or timber.

The type of windows you go for can have a huge impact on the value of your home and installing an inappropriate style can negatively affect your investment. For example, installing uPVC in a traditional, regency building or period property can look out of place and when you come to sell, mean that buyers reduce their offer to the tune of thousands.

So, why else are timber windows better than uPVC ones? We can think of a long list of reasons, for example:

  1. The world is your oyster

When you install timber windows, there’s a whole range of options that aren’t open to you if you go for uPVC. Wooden frames can be made from a wide variety of woods in different colours, such as maple, oak and mahogany – all of which come with a different look and feel. What’s more, they can be carved, stained and painted to suit your taste.

  1. Longevity

When looked after properly, high quality timber windows can last more than 60 years, whereas most uPVC only has a maximum lifespan of 20 to 30 years. This makes timber frames a much wiser investment and can save you money further down the line.

  1. Timber windows are kinder to the environment

uPVC has been cited as detrimental to the world around us[1] because it is unsustainable and releases poisonous chemicals into the environment. The carbon footprint of bespoke timber window manufacturers is much smaller, so if you’re keen to be green, using timber instead of uPVC is far kinder to the environment and offers a sustainable choice.

  1. Timber windows are easier to repair

When things go wrong with uPVC windows it can be almost impossible to repair them, and a problem with one part of the unit often means the whole thing needs replacing. Timber windows from skilled window manufacturers are much more resilient and avoid the snapping and cracking problems that come with uPVC.

  1. Timber frames are as, if not more thermally efficient

Although the perception is often that uPVC is a better insulator, this is not the case. High quality timber window frames are particularly good at keeping the heat in and noise out – essential for any modern home.

At Rural Timber, we offer home owners and business owners in and around Worcestershire the very best in bespoke joinery services. We have been crafting timber framed windows, conservatories and other property related joinery since 1973 and are committed to the environment.

All our timber is sourced from renewable and sustained Oak, Accoya and Sapele forests and our use of water based pants and wood stains means all our products do minimal environmental damage.


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