Trends for Timber Windows and Doors to Look Out for in 2020

Trends for Timber Windows and Doors to Look Out for in 2020


Hand-crafted timber window frames and doors from Rural Timber Window in Worcester

Trends come and go, but we believe some of the timber window and door trends we expect to see in 2020 will be here to stay for some time as consumers look to replace uPVC windows and doors with more sustainable, higher quality alternatives, and bridge the gap between traditional and modern designs.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Over the last few years, homeowners have grown to be increasingly concerned with finding sustainable and environmentally friendly materials when it comes to renovating their home. As a result, we can expect bespoke timber windows and doors to continue to grow in popularity in 2020.

Hand-crafted from timber sourced from sustainable forests, timber windows and doors are manufactured in environmentally friendly ways and have a much small carbon footprint than other materials commonly used for windows and doors.

Combining traditional craftmanship with modern technology, doors and windows manufactured from sustainable woods help to improve insulation, decreasing energy consumption, saving on energy bills, and therefore, having a small environmental impact.

To ensure the eco-friendliest finish for bespoke timber doors and window frames, they can be treated with water-based stains, varnishes, and micro porous paints.

Coloured timber window frames from Rural Timber Window in WorcesterColoured Windows

It’s not only interior décor where homeowners can experiment with colour. Whilst the most popular colour for window frames continues to be white, we expect to see the trend for coloured windows and doors to continue this year. Woods such as Oak, Sapele and Accoya look beautiful in their perfect state, but we expect to see more homeowners choosing timber windows and doors in greens, greys, black and even some more outlandish colours.
An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to invest in matching windows and doors. Black was an especially popular choice in 2019, and we suspect that Black will continue to be the new Black.
Traditional styles
With a growing trend in homeowners choosing traditional wooden craftmanship over modern uPVC, we can expect the popularity of traditional, yet timeless casement windows, sash windows and French doors to increase.

Despite having been popular for centuries, styles such as sash windows fit just as well in modern architecture as they do period properties.

Minimal sightlines

In contrast to the trend of traditional window and door styles we can expect to see in 2020, we also expect to see an increase in more modern style windows, with larger glass panes, and fewer sightlines. Large windows help to create the impression of larger rooms and allow for much more natural light to enter. With more glass surface and fewer sightlines blocking visibility, the effect is multiplied.

Conservatories and orangeries

With an increased focus on natural light, glass conservatories and orangeries are growing in popularity in 2020. By creating a living space with walls that are predominantly glass, with wooden frames, homeowners can increase their living space, whilst also gaining more benefit from enjoying their garden all year round.

If you are renovating your home in 2020, whether you live in a period property, or a modern build, Rural Timber Window Company can deliver the perfect solution. Call now on 01905 841 199 to talk about the project you have in mind.