Decorating Your Timber Windows and Doors Ready for Christmas

Decorating Your Timber Windows and Doors Ready for Christmas


When you think of the sort of house you are likely to see on a Christmas card, you may have noticed that snow spattered timber windows and festive wreaths hanging on wooden doors are a mainstay. To help create that classic Christmassy atmosphere in your own home, you can follow our tips for decorating your timber windows and doors.

Festive timber windows

We believe that windows are an overlooked area of the home to decorate at Christmas time, which is a real shame when a few little touches could really make your timber sash or casement windows stand out.

Sash windows

As we have talked about many times in past blogs, sash windows are extremely common in period properties, and increasingly popular in modern homes, as the simplicity of the design works for any style of house.

With sash windows, your key consideration will be to decorate the sills or the top inside of the window, so as not to prevent opening. A fir-tree effect garland is a great way to dress your sash windows – you may even wish to add some baubles.

If you are lucky enough for your sash windows to be in a bay formation, you can stand your Christmas tree in view of the window to create a magical effect inside and out.

If you aren’t blessed with bay windows, hanging a green wreath in your window can also have a similar effect.

Casement windows

Casement windows are certainly well designed for Christmas decorations as they often have deep set windowsills and open outwards. You may decide to hang festive ribbons along your windows, or decorate your sills with faux garlands, fresh holly and mistletoe, or even a decorative Christmas town or nativity scene, if you are feeling extra creative.

LED candles are a great way to light up your timber casement windowsills for Christmas.

Timber doors

Simply put, it wouldn’t be Christmas without dressing your timber door with a classic wreath, especially if it is paired with a festive themed door mat. For the interior of your home, a Christmas themed draught excluder provides a nice touch. Not only does it look the part, it helps to prevent any cold draughts, leaving your home feeling warm and Christmassy.

Garlands can look just as good on doors as windows. Why not hang a festive floral garland over your door frames?

Invest in bespoke timber windows or doors ready for next Christmas!

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