Why so many of us choose the Sapele Front Door

sapele hardwood doors stratford upon avonWhy so many of us choose the Sapele Front Door

Despite technology coming up with some strong competition, wooden doors remain as popular as ever. At Rural Timbers, we know that wood can provide all the factors you would look for in a good front door. Strong and durable, versatile and beautiful, a solid wood door delivers both the safety and protection you need and the warm welcoming factor that we all desire in what is the portal to our home.

If you have decided that wood is for you, then the next step is to consider which type of wood is best for your home. There are so many hardwoods that you can choose from, each with their own set of properties. At Rural Timbers, we only supply quality hard wood doors, as we know they will last for years and years. There is no wrong choice but, aesthetically, woods have different properties and appeal for many reasons so it is worth spending some time thinking about what you want and what suits your personal taste. One choice you may want to consider is sapele. Less popular than oak these days, it is an extremely handsome wood that more than fulfils the criteria for a good front door.

Sapele is mostly grown in the rain forests of West Africa and at Rural Timbers we ensure that our sapele supply is directly from sustainable forests. The origin of this wood makes it ideal for our British weather, as it is quite resistant to wood rot. Sapele is known to be an exceptional quality timber. As a moderately hard hardwood, with typical strength and durability properties, it has a random grain effect and a marked and regular stripe pattern that makes each door unique.

However, the reason that a sapele door is often chosen over its rivals is the colour that it provides. Often likened to mahogany, sapele has a reddish – brown colour that naturally darkens with time. This appealing trait means that it looks good and stays looking good. It can blend with the exterior of any home, but is often extremely popular with red bricked homes, where the two reddish hues perfectly complement each other.

As with many of the solid wood doors we supply and fit, a sapele door can look however you want it to, and can be stained or painted to your specifications. If you would like to know more or would like to see our sapele door range then contact us on 01905 841199 or contact us here for a free, no obligation quotation.