Top tips for renovating period houses

Top tips for renovating period houses

renovating period house with timber windows from Rural Timber Window in Worcester

Restoring period houses is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as they are now highly sought after on the property market and attract a large premium as a result.

Blending new and old features together is certainly in fashion at the moment, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people are buying period homes solely to renovate them. However, restoring an old property is not an easy task, especially when you are trying to get the best out of your investment.
With that in mind, it is important to approach period house renovations with a high level of care and caution to ensure that the property’s character is not lost.

Here are a few tips to help you preserve the authenticity of your period house, whilst enhancing its value.

Use Specialist Tradesmen
Acquiring the services of skilled, experienced tradesmen is essential when restoring a period property, as they have a greater understanding of how delicate the structure is.
Before restoring your period house, you might find that it has been subject to many revamps over time or hasn’t been maintained properly. This can raise several complex and unexpected issues, which must be dealt with by trained professionals.
At The Rural Timber Window Company, we are highly experienced in carrying out flawless period house renovations. One of our previous projects involved restoring the windows of a Georgian townhouse in St. Johns, Worcester.

Use Suitable Materials
Another reason for using specialist tradesmen is that they can suggest the best materials to use for the restoration.

Before you make any changes, you must consider what materials you want to use to ensure that your renovations align with the property’s heritage.
For example, when restoring a property’s sash windows, choose a material like timber rather than uPVC, as this will match the rest of the house’s features much better.

Preserve Original Features
Without its authentic features, a period home is just like any other house on the property market. Attention to detail is key when renovating a heritage property, as every single detail defines the character of the house.

During the planning process, dedicate some of your time to researching period houses and their traditional features. Picture rails, historic flooring and sash windows are all features that you should expect to see in a period property.

Our team of skilled craftsmen can make your restoration process run a lot more smoothly by delivering quality pieces, such as sash windows, that complement the character of your home.

If you are renovating a period house or have any questions about doing so, please get in touch.

For more information on bespoke timber doors, windows and conservatories in Worcestershire and surrounding areas, contact the Rural Timber Window Company today on 01905 841 199. Our highly skilled team are committed to combining the best of modern technology with traditional craftmanship to create the best bespoke solutions for you.