5 of the best reasons to invest in a bespoke timber door for your property

5 of the best reasons to invest in a bespoke timber door for your property

Example of a bespoke timber door from Rural Timber based in Worcester

The frontage of your home provides the ultimate opportunity to express your sense of style and personal choices.  From the design of your windows to the paint colour and type of front door, these are the first things people see when they come to your house, so use them to make a statement and a great first impression.  One of the most noticeable elements of your property frontage is the door, and one of the best choices you can make to showcase your own sense of style and elevate your exterior is a bespoke timber door.

Here we explain our top 5 reasons for investing in a bespoke hardwood door for your home:

Timber doors are the long lasting choice

If looked after properly, timber doors can last for a considerable time, perhaps sixty years or longer.  If your hardwood door has been treated with specialist paints or stains it will also have additional protection against the elements, to help prevent warping.

This durable choice means that your investment is a wise one, as once replaced, your timber door will most likely outlast your time living at that address and be ready to serve the new tenants after you have moved house.

Classic and timeless design

Trends come and go, but wood never goes out of fashion.  Hardwood doors are a classic choice for your property frontage and whilst everything else around it, such as paint colours, may be subject to fashionable changes, the solid wood door will stand as a timeless feature, complementing any scheme.

Excellent insulating properties

In addition to their aesthetic charm, timber doors also offer excellent insulating properties.  They can help to keep the heat in during the winter months and out during summer.  Solid wooden doors also offer improved security properties compared to flimsy composite doors or those which feature a lot of glass.

Made to measure

By selecting a door manufacturer that offers bespoke options, you can have your solid timber front door made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. You can choose the style and wood to best fit your property and the shade of stain and door furniture that will best compliment your exterior decor.

Limited environmental impact

As a natural resource, wood is an excellent choice for those looking to limit their environmental impact.  New trees can be planted to ensure that wood continues to be sustainable, and as solid wood doors don’t need to be replaced as often as other alternatives, this adds to their green credentials.

Bespoke Timber Doors from Rural Timbers

At Rural Timbers we specialise in creating bespoke timber doors and windows to complement a wide range of properties.  Our timber doors are made from the highest quality oak, sapele or accoya in traditional or contemporary styles, to accommodate the age and style of your home.  To find out more or to request a quote please call us on 01905 841199 or click here for more information.