Hardwood French Doors – From The Renaissance to Today

Hardwood French Doors – From The Renaissance to Today

Hardwood French doors are a wise investment for any home. Purely from an aesthetic point of view, they provide a classic, stylish look that fits any home, whether a period property, or a modern new build. Whilst they are certainly pleasing to the eye, French hardwood doors are also extremely functional and durable.

French doors are suitable for built in secure locking systems, they let in a lot of light, provide a wide opening for gaining access in to your home (should you want to carry in new furniture!), and as a result of sustainably sourced, carefully picked hardwoods, they are durable, low maintenance and provide excellent insulation to reduce heating bills.

Hardwood French Doors – A History

Whilst French doors are certainly a common sight in modern homes, their history is centuries old and the original french doors were somewhat different to the glass panelled doors we recognise today.

Despite the name, French doors took influence from Italian Renaissance architecture. Having been at war with Italy for large portions of the 16th century, following victories, French forces took home many spoils in the form of Italian art and Roman architectural influences, characterised by great symmetry and proportion.

Originally, these Renaissance influenced doors were made from solid hardwood. Later, wrought iron stylised designs were popular, and as the glass industry developed in the 17th century, windows were incorporated into the designs, with multiple glass panes embedded into wooden frames.

By the mid 17th century, french doors were popular as floor length window entries to balconies, allowing natural light into interior rooms and hallways. By the end of the 17th century, french doors were quickly growing in popularity in England.

Modern French Doors

The popularity of French doors has lasted into the 21st century. Whilst long associated with  the balconies of homes of the upper classes, in 2021, hardwood doors in the French style are a popular choice for the everyman, fitting perfectly into all styles of home. Today, French doors, with their large glass panels, are often chosen to add continuity from interior spaces into the garden, providing a great view, letting in plenty of sunlight and making interior rooms feel larger and airier.

At Rural Timber Window Company, we combined the traditional elements of hardwood timber joinery and classic style, with modern technology, allowing us to produce and install beautiful, long lasting doors to fit any property. We are committed to using high quality, sustainably sourced timbers, such as Sapele, ensuring strong, durable and secure doors with great thermal insulation properties.

With their reddish brown tones, Sapele French doors pair extremely well with a wide range of brickwork colours and designs!

Bespoke Hardwood French Doors

If you are interested in updating your exterior doors and are looking for a timeless, functional solution for your patio, office, or living room, then French doors provide a fantastic choice. At Rural Timber, we create your bespoke order to fit your exact needs, and always aim to exceed your expectations.

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